Lightning fast, passionate, witty, effective problem solver. Kerri is a seasoned, senior executive brand growth leader, with extensive strategic and creative leadership experience for defining, designing and deploying exceptional customer experiences, via integrated marketing solutions that eliminate the line between marketing and sales.

Her sweet spots include brand identity, emotional connection, customer engagement, integrated marketing solutions, digital marketing, content marketing strategies via social, lead nurture, email marketing automation, marketing funnels, branded and unbranded vertical content, ecommerce and mobile experiences.

Her favorite thing to do is rule the whiteboard. Consulting with B2B, and B2C clients to craft complete customer lifecycle strategies that run on first class acquisition, monetization, fulfillment and customer success componentry. Then she spins on her heels to lead the creative marketing technology teams to create and deliver them. Pitching and winning accounts is fun for her too.

She has held strategy and creative leadership roles throughout her career providing integrated brand solutions, agency advisory change management, and integrated, interactive, digital marketing plans for food, drug, cosmetic, health and wellness, and luxury industries, for both global, and start-up brands. A lover of the start-up climb, she founded 5 small businesses along the way.

Through that journey, she became an expert strategist on emotional connection, and how to resonate. She guides brands to discover emotional drivers in market segmentation, define psychographic personas, customer behaviors, and design how to engage, interact, and connect with them.

Kerri has 30+ years of experience on defining, designing and deploying authentic brand identities and architecting emotionally resonant customer experience roadmaps.

For 10 years, Kerri was a faculty member at Parsons School of Design, New York, and has spoken at numerous conferences, MBA and undergraduate programs on branding, creative commerce, and entrepreneurial bravery.

She has trained with human development luminaries Debbie Ford, Carolyn Myss, and holds leadership, psychology and coaching certifications in process methodologies that she has synthesized into her transformative and trademarked Brandscape methods.

Her first book, Invincible Voices, is being fine tuned, and will be published by Balboa Press, a division of Hay House in fall of 2017.

She is based in Philadelphia, and lives with her son Aidan, and her three bernese mountain dogs.